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The offerer offers an internet portal for skill games. Registration is free of charge for the user. By using the site, its contents and the optional registration, the user accepts the following terms of use.

§ 1 Amendments to the Terms of Use

The supplier is entitled to adjust the conditions of use listed here at any time. Since every user is responsible for checking the usage conditions for possible changes, we would ask you to do so at regular intervals. The further use of the site in case of changed conditions of use is equivalent with the acceptance of these conditions. The current conditions of use are always aif by clicking on the link terms at the bottom of the site.

§ 2 Changes to the Site and its contents

a) The supplier is at any time entitled to make changes to the site or to the contents of the site without prior notice. By continuing to use the site, the user recognizes these changes. However, such changes will not in any way affect the family and child-friendliness of the Portal, but will only serve to facilitate the use and clarity of b) The provider always endeavors to ensure the completeness, timeliness and functionality of his online offer, but is not obliged to do so. c) The provider is not liable for a possible non-availability of the online offer. Nevertheless, we are always trying to always be available to our users.

§ 3. Age restriction

By using this site the user confirms that he is at least 8 years old. The provider would like to ask all users younger than 8 years of age to use our site without supervising their parents or guardians. Since not all offers on the Internet are similarly designed for childhood as, we ask all parents not to let their children surf the Internet without supervision.

§ 4 game offer

The provider offers on games of various types, but no third-party games and games run by other companies. The following applies to all games: 1. Rights to the software are exclusively with the author / author. 2. The responsibility as well as the liability for the software lies solely with the author / author. Liability for functionality, lack of freedom or other characteristics concerning the software by the provider is excluded. 3. By using this software the user recognizes the terms and conditions of the respective author / originator.

§ 5 Costs

a) The entire online offer of the provider is free of charge. b) Depending on the internet connection or the chosen Internet tariff (for example, on a time or volume basis), you may incur costs by connecting to the Internet (please consult your internet provider for further information). In particular, we would like to ask parents to educate their children about such costs. c) Many games can be chosen in two ways: either free or with bet. The choice is left to the user freely. There are different application heights with games with insert. Both the bet size and the possible gain for the user are announced before the start of the game on

§ 6 Copyrights

a) The copyright of all contents published on is either the provider, the licensor or the developer / author himself. b) The layout, design and all other design elements are also copyrighted by

§ 7 Data Protection

The protection of personal data is very important for the provider. Such data will never be used by us for purposes other than analysis of our user structure. The data protection rules define the way in which the personal data of the users of our portal are processed. By using Site, the User acknowledges the Privacy Policy. To read the detailed privacy policy, please click HERE.

§ 8 Registration

a) Registration at is voluntary, free of charge and without obligation. b) Without registration, participation in games of our platform is neither allowed nor technically possible. It is also not possible to save the achieved game results without prior registration. c) The provider is not responsible for user actions. d) The free membership at can be terminated at any time by the user. To do so, send an informal email to using the link "Contact" with the corresponding information about the termination of the membership. The relevant account will be deleted immediately, including all personal data. e) The infringement of a registered user against the conditions listed here can lead to immediate exclusion without prior notice.

§ 9 Use of the communication functions

a) The use of the communication functions of is only permitted for the purposes intended for this purpose. b) Sending bulk emails (spam) is expressly forbidden. Likewise prohibited is any kind of harassment of other users by one of the offered communication possibilities. Harassment is in particular where: - unlawful, threatening, offensive, misleading or fraudulent statements are made - persons are harassed, intimidated or defamed by reason of their origin, religion, sex, age or other characteristics and characteristics. c) The provider has the right, in case of a concrete suspicion of the abovementioned regulation, to investigate the activities of the users concerned for violations.

§ 10 Use of the account at

a) An account with must be used by one member at a time. The use of the same account by several persons is not permitted. b) The distribution of account data (email address, password, etc.) to other persons is not permitted. c) The use of cheats or the exploitation of mistakes in a game to obtain unlawful advantages and to make profits is prohibited. d) fraud in games and duels - e.g. By exchanging accounts with other players - is not allowed. e) Failure to comply with these rules will lead to immediate blocking of the account.

§ 11 Limitation of Liability

a) Damage claims by the user are excluded. b) The provider does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of Site or its contents. In particular during maintenance, safety or capacity adjustments, faults or failures can occur. In this case there is no liability of the provider. c) It is also to be excluded the liability of the offerer in case of failures and disturbances, which are not due to us or in case of force majeure. d) The site may contain links to sites of third parties, including links, which are offered as automated search results. The contents of some of these sites may be objectionable, unlawful or inaccurate. These links do not imply that the provider supports the sites or services of these third parties. The user acknowledges and agrees that the provider is not responsible or liable for the content or other materials on these sites by third parties. All transactions that the user makes with advertisers on the site are between the user and these advertisers, and the user acknowledges and agrees that the provider is not liable for any damages or claims which the user makes against an advertiser can.

§ 12 Final provisions

a) The law of the Republic of Austria applies. b) The provider does not guarantee that the content of the site is suitable or available for use in places outside the Republic of Austria; It is not permissible to visit the site from areas where their contents are prohibited by law. If the user visits the site from a location outside the Republic of Austria, this is done on his own initiative and he is responsible for compliance with local legislation. c) Should provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.