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What is is a new platform for everyone who wants to play skill games.

How does work?

Each game can be played for free or for cash (this is in preparation). It is possible to play alone, or against other players. Up to 5 players can actively participate at the same time. Each game is played live, in real-time.
For each game, there are many separate rooms. As soon as enough players join a room, the game starts!
For each round that you solve, you get 1 point. If you guess wrong, the other player(s) get(s) a point. Whoever gets the maximum points first, wins. If there is a tie, play continues until one player has the highest number of points.


Because we don't rip you off like others do. We offer serious games with higher winning chances like the rest.

How can I know if and when I won?

The winner is automatically notified at the end of the game.

Can I start to play immediately?

Yes! Each game is played in separate rooms. Therefore, you do not have to wait.


How can I start a game?

There are 2 ways: Either (1) select a game with your desired fee by clicking the corresponding button. The game starts as soon as there are enough players sitting at a table! or (2) In the console, type "free" and you will see a list of free players. Click on a nickname. Then choose the game and fee (or play for free) and invite the other player. If he accepts, the game starts! Please note that in this mode, only 2-player games can be selected.

What are "free players" on the main page / console?

"Free Players" are not actively playing a game. Therefore you can challenge them.

How can I challenge a "free player"?

Simply click his nickname, then choose the game and fee, or play for free. Done! As soon as the other player accepts the challenge, the game starts!

How can I add friends?

Go to Account -> My friends and search for a nickname. In the results list you can easily add friends.

How can I play with my friends?

Go to Account -> My friends and click on a name. You can then choose to invite your friend to a game. Choose a game and fee, or play for free. If your friend is online, he will receive an inviation for that game. If he accepts, the game will start automatically.

How does the filter work?

Using our filter, you can display only those games that you are interested in. Simply go to the main page and select the category, number of players and fee. The filter will show you the selected games available.

How do I get to the main page of

By clicking on the link "" in the top left corner.

Can I also play for free?

Yes! All our games can be played for free.

How do tourneys work?

On the tourney page you see a list of upcoming tourneys. Just enter the room and the tourney starts automatically at the appointed time! Different than with regular games (with 1 - 5 players), tourneys have no limit on the number of particiants and also require more points to win!

Solving Problems

I do not hear sound!

Please refer to the documentation of your operating system and/or browser on how to activate sound.

Registering and Contact

I did not get the activation code after registering.

Click the link "Send activation code" in the footer of the page. You will receive an email with the code.

How can I contact

Click the link "Contact" in the footer of the page.